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Open Saturdays from 10-2pm

July 4th 2024 Hours

It's gonna be super hot AND IT'S THE 4th of July Weekend (TM)! So, we are gonna be closed on the 6th. All fees and fines will be forgivenfor that weekend and we'll see you on the 13th.


New Member Accounts

Going forward we're going to try something new and hopefully easier. If you want to join the North Portland Tool Library, fill out your account information online in myturn, fill out the form on the NPTL website, and bring yourself and your two pieces of ID with current address after 12pm on a Saturday and we'll squint at your documents from a distance and make your membership live. 

You can either print and fill out the membership form and bring it in or fill it out online and email it--whatever works for you. We do need the form.  

And please continue to wear you mask, wash those hands, and keep some physical distance from those people you don't live with. We want everyone to stay well. 


We have a even newer Tool Coordinator! Please welcome CJ! 

"Hi, everybody. Glad to be here meeting all you wonderful neighbors!"


As always, if you are having problems using MyTurn, please email  

If you don't know if you have an account or are having problems accessing your account, please email before creating a new account. Send us your full name and address and we'll look you up. 

For all other issues, please email


Return your tools during open hours on Saturday from 10am to 2pm. You don’t need an appointment to return tools!

We request that you enter by the west gate and leave by the east gate.

Volunteering at the NPTL

If you'd like to volunteer at the NPTL, please introduce yourself and let us know, we'd love to have you!

Donate or Pay a Late Fee To The North Portland Tool Library

Donate Now!

Events At The North Portland Tool Library

We've got an Inventory coming up. July 27th, after the Tool Library closes. Let us know if you'd like to help, either by emailing or letting us know when you come in. Thanks!